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Hospital Corridors

Untangle Complex Antitrust Problems

McCann Law PLLC helps health industry clients untangle complex antitrust problems and conceptualize and implement workable strategic partnerships. My practice has always been in the service of health care providers and the companies that advance and support the health care delivery system.  The core of my practice is competition law – antitrust, unfair competition, and marketing.  But competition engagements inevitably intertwine with the strategies of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, network formation, and clinical integration, as well as capital financing.  I offer clients advice and support in all of those areas.


About Rob McCann

Robert McCann is a nationally recognized leader in antitrust and health care law.  Throughout his 40-year career, he has represented nearly every sector of the health care industry: hospitals and health systems, physician groups, health plans and managed care companies, health technology companies, and pharmacy interests.  He has extensive experience in a broad range of health industry matters, including many cutting-edge developments in health care law and policy.  For the past three decades, his work has focused on providing advice and counsel to health care providers in the areas of strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and hospital debt financing.  In particular, Rob is known as one of the premier health care antitrust lawyers in the country, and he has advised and defended some of the country’s largest health care systems in antitrust matters.

Rob opened McCann Law PLLC to continue counseling and representing clients on strategic health care projects in a more thoughtful environment, without the billable hour imperatives of a traditional law firm.

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